Building Local Economies & Supporting Businesses in the Wake of the Pandemic:

We must remain nimble, compassionate, and inclusive in recovery. Stowe is one of the largest employers in the State and I will be a part of the solution in addressing Vermont’s workforce issues, Now is not the time for failure of imagination.
  • Paid Family Leave: A compassionate society offers support for those who need to take time to care for a loved one and for personal or medical needs essential to the quality of one’s life. To grow and support our local economy, it is critical to invest in our families with policies such as Paid Family Leave.
  • Childcare & Education:
    • High-quality childcare that doesn’t break the bank for families is the cornerstone of a strong economy. When we create opportunities for families to access childcare, we allow them to excel professionally and reinvest in the economy. We need more quality childcare options and must find a way to fairly compensate and value childcare workers.
    • We need a collective and thoughtful approach to controlling the high costs of local school-based systems while promoting an inclusive and quality education for all Vermont students.
  • Expanding Statewide Broadband and Cell Service: The dearth of coverage is unaffordable and inequitable for many, which compromises the future of our students and businesses to stay competitive.
  • Tourism: Stowe’s lifeblood is and always has been tourism. It is vital that we renew our commitment to rebuilding tourism with new, creative thinking geared toward protecting public health, our environment, and Stowe’s economy.

Affordable Housing and a Livable Wage:

Stowe is not immune to the chronic and systemic housing insecurity crisis. One of the impediments to moving to Stowe for many is an inability to keep up with the high cost of living and property taxes. When people are unable to live in Stowe, we experience a loss in community and workforce. I am committed to supporting the building of affordable, permanent, and safe housing and in advocating for a livable wage.


Access to Affordable Medical Care:

Too many Vermonters lack access to affordable, quality healthcare. These inequalities are exacerbated by the pandemic. Healthcare should not be tethered to your employment, as many sole proprietors and other small businesses are aware.  It is imperative that we advocate for all Vermonters to receive quality healthcare.


Environmental Justice and Stewardship:

When we pursue environmental stewardship, we build a community that can thrive economically and socially. A compromised environment underlies so many of our endeavors to better our town, our state, our planet, and ourselves. Vermont needs to continue to lead in conservation, renewable energy and green technology.   


Racial and Migrant Justice and Equity:

Racial inequities have come into stark relief this year with the pandemic and the blatant discrimination and oppression against people of color. These are not the Vermont values we want to hold dear, and it’s time to stand in solidarity with all who oppose hatred, racism, and injustice.

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